Monday, December 26, 2011

On The Street, and a snack, Mexico City.

Love the handpainted signs.

Fotos for los Ninos!

Amazing ancient car.

Great patina.

In the Roma area.

homemade tortillas, queso fresca, and salsa verde.

Love this lead based paint plate.

That Painting!

Built in planter, Art Deco beauty.

Love the sign and the blue paint.


  1. Ah, AP! What a lovely, wonderful treat in December to see your blog transformed with the colors and textures of Mexico. I thought of you the other day when I threw on a black mohair shawl I got at the thrift years ago and suddenly noticed it was Liberty of London the fact of which never reached my conscious eyes and probably would not have before encountering you. Anyhow, we miss the lazy summer days of bopping into you shoppee and will surely be looking forward to next summer's treasures. Wishing you a wonderful adventure! Fondly, Sarah

  2. Thanks Sarah, so nice to hear from you!
    Much appreciated.
    Looking forward to next summer, and seeing you all.
    It was always fun to chat about jewelry and design.
    Liberty(of London) for all, fourth of July weekend 2012!

    Fondly, Ariane