Sunday, January 15, 2012

Musee Tiskiwin, Marrakech-Collection of Bert Flint.

We went in 2008, it was a real inspiration, time to revisit the Musee Tiskwin, Marrakech.

Bert Flint, an art historian from Denmark, assembled this impressive collection.

Housed in a private home, his collections are primarily from The Souss Valley and the Sahara.

Where I want to spend the day, love the tilework.

Tuareg reed and leather mat, for shielding the sun, and basket.

Ancient trade beads.

A favorite, inspirational necklace.

Lovely, interior courtyard.

The ever present orange tree.

Love this fabric along with the tile and ancient pot.

Texture, print, and color.

Seating in another interior courtyard.


More Textiles.

Ornamental headpiece.

More textiles and tiles.

Room with a view.

Anthropology Museum in Mexico City, and some jewelry it inspired.

A collection of beads.

Ancient stone.

Love this, working on a piece like this now.

Ancient Jade.

Mosaic inlaid Turquoise.

A piece we made, ancient stone, Amber, Amethyst, and Carnelian.

Carved graduated wood discs with Turquoise and African bronze.

A piece we sold at Henry Beguelin, Turquoise pendant with African bronze.

A collection of African trade beads, from Michael Del Piero, at the Lake Forest Showhouse.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Jewelry for the shop

Ancient Egyptian crystal, African glass, shell, and Ethiopian silver on hand wrapped linen.

African glass and large crystal pendant on hand wrapped leather cord.

Citrine, ancient trade beads, and Jade.

African trade beads with African bronze hand forged pendant.

Ancient Egyptian crystal, recycled records and Ethiopian silver plate on leather cord.

Ancient trade beads, Jade and Czech pendant.