Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bruno Gambone at AP shop

Received these gorgeous beads all the way from Florence that we commissioned
from our friend, the maestro ceramic artist, Bruno Gambone.

Hand-painted striped beads on hand-woven shawl by Dosa.

Gorgeous watercolor-effect striped bead on a plate by Bruno as well.

Hand-painted pendant by Bruno, as before, on a plate of his design.

These three are destined to be used in an upcoming necklace.

Striped carved bead, resting on the head of a sculpture with Sam Prekop painting in the background. 
We'll be making pieces for the shop and will post more later.  Many thanks Bruno and Nahomi!

Opening weekend at last

Hand sewn Kurta from Dosa.

Turquoise and silver from Mexico City.

Leather sandals from Mexico City.

Creative women scarves and woven sunglass holder from Mexico City.

A selection of our latest jewelry, ancient trade beads, jade, Turquoise from Mexico City, African nickel and gray diamond.

Vintage babouches from Marrakesh

Lavender soap from Saipua- already sold out of the Saltwater soap!

Hand woven and embroidered bag from India with African bronze and pyrite.

Scarves, hand woven rebosa and indigo pieces from Dosa.

Ancient coral, sea glass and trade beads, Scarab necklace.

Poppies from Kim, Thanks!

Children's shoes from Marrakesh, 1920's.

Thanks to all that came by, looking forward to a great season!