Monday, December 26, 2011

On The Street, and a snack, Mexico City.

Love the handpainted signs.

Fotos for los Ninos!

Amazing ancient car.

Great patina.

In the Roma area.

homemade tortillas, queso fresca, and salsa verde.

Love this lead based paint plate.

That Painting!

Built in planter, Art Deco beauty.

Love the sign and the blue paint.

Artisan market, Mexico City.

Love the textiles, leather goods, handpainted and woven goods. So much color!

Corn husk flowers.


The cutest wool animals.

Hand painted toys.

Woven sunglass cases, bought some for the shop.

Woven placemats.

Frida Kahlo house & museum

Frida's work table, so great to finally go there,  unfortunately my photos can't capture the beauty.

Table in dining room.

The kitchen.

Leon Trotsky bedroom at Frida's house.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Feliz Navidad.

Just one of the many fabulous outrageous Holiday displays in Mexico City,  this one on the Reforma.

Portraits of Frida.

From the collection of Albert M. Bender, 1930.  Love the colors and the traditional clothing.

Photo taken at the Frida Kahlo Museum, more to come.

From Frida Kahlo Museum.

Self Portrait, 1930, from NYT.

Frida with Necklace, from New York Times.

Me and my Parrots, 1941, from New York Times.

Photograph from Vincente Wolf collection, New York Times.

Self Portrait, 1941, from New York Times.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Flea Market in Mexico City

Love this double portrait, and the way things are displayed, in mini arrangements on the ground.



Rosaries and Milagros.

Ancient pottery from Teotihuacan, also bought ancient stone beads to use in our jewelry collection.

Coconut water.

Hair combs, and textiles.

Hand painted pottery.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Beatrice Valenzuela shoes at AP shop this summer!

Jeana Sohn's fabulous Closet Visit  recently featured Beatrice Valenzuela, a shoe designer and hair stylist.
I have completely fallen in love with her hand made shoes, so excited to carry them, Thanks Beatrice!

Inspiration; the colors of Mexico City

Love these tops, older with great patina.

Candy, and seeds.

woven colorful everything.

Again, candy of every sort.

hand painted!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Heading off to Mexico City!

Looking for items for the shop, hoping to find- textiles and embroideries

Baskets, candles, etc.

Inspirational tile work, all images in this post from Keep Feeling Fascination.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The mantra, for Spring 2012, at AP Shop.

Courtesy of withinyouwithoutyou & practicalfancy.

CPW,  or cost per wear, is so important in these "fast fashion" days...
Quality, over mass production.
A friend recently said, Why is it that a person will spend a fortune on a special occasion piece
that will be worn once, and not invest in something that can be worn daily, and for years.
As a teacher in the Fashion Studies department at Columbia College Chicago,  I want this message to reach my students, and the new guard.
Let's invest in quality, over quantity.