Monday, January 20, 2014

Mineral de Pozos

A mine in the distance, they were peppered throughout the countryside, the last mine, the Angustias-Dolores, closed  in 1927.

A beautiful ruin, the silver mines and ghost towns of Pozos.

The walls were built to last, at one time this area was very wealthy with a thriving population, by 1950, the population was just over 200.

Where the wood burning stove was.

I couldn't resist bringing some of the pieces I found for the shop to Pozos for an impromptu photo shoot.

This woven bracelet is from the Amazon, and is used to protect your arm when using a bow and arrow.

Magnificent landscape.

Another for the catalog/postcard- Oaxacan hand loomed indigo dyed poncho.

Another piece from Oaxaca, a hand loomed and embroidered Huipil.

A former tourist attraction, no longer in business, when we went to the mines, we were the only ones there.

The beautiful town, sun faded colors.

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