Sunday, March 2, 2014

Catalog/postcard roughs for Spring at AP

Hacienda Montaecristo rebosa and leather fringe bag, woven bracelets of leather from Mexico and woven sisal from Brazil.

A tourist shop in Mineral de Pozos.

A selection of antique bone jewelry, and church candles from Santa Teresa.

Rebosa from Hacienda Montaecristo, antique coral, agate, and ruby necklace, scenes from San Miguel, raffia shoes from Marrakesh, and kantha quilts from India.

Kantha pillow from India, straw bag and raffia shoes from Marrakesh, Necklace from The rain fores in Brazil.

Minerals for sale from the silver mines, antique turquiose necklace with carnelian closure.

Indigo woven shirt from Oaxaca, White heart trade beads from Africa.

Antique woven textile from Oaxaca, and woven bags from Columbia.

Indigo dye hand-woven poncho from Oaxaca, Straw hat from Panama, and leather and reboso bag from Hacienda Montaecristo.

Found a great selection of hand-woven hats from Panama.

Lisa Kingsley foldover long clutch in Cobra and engraved leather.

Hand crocheted bikini from Mexico.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Two New York at AP this Spring

 Hand woven khadi cotton, so light, simple and beautiful, all photos courtesy of Two.

Love this Indigo tunic dress.

This one is perfect for the beach.

New Orleans snapshots from a trip in 2009, in honor of Mardi Gras.

One of my favorite places to go, home of the Pimm's Cup and the Muffaletta, usually the first Al fresco meal is here.

Love the antique shops, and the variety of culinary antiques in particular.

Somewhere in the French quarter.

Antique books and prints, at Crescent City books.

In the Garden district, love that the trees have priority over the sidewalks.

At Lucullus, a beautiful shop filled with culinary antiques. Proprietor, Partick Dunne, is also a interior designer and has designed some amazing restaurants as well.

Also at Lucullus- shop them on 1st dibs as well.

On Magazine street.

An antique champagne bottle, beautiful packaging.

WAC Chicago event with Cornelia McNamara

Founded in 1898, the Woman's Athletic Club was the first athletic club in America. It is an amazing place, filled with beauty and old school sitting rooms, formal dining rooms, and a beautiful library filled with antique books and books written by it's members.

 The couple that hired us were newlyweds who upon returning from their honeymoon were most moved by there time spent in India, which was the underlying theme of the party.

We had orange trees flown in from California, when they arrived they had no fruit- so we wired oranges to the trees.

We incorporated Pink, "The navy blue of India" Marigolds, fig cakes and more.

Beautiful peonies everywhere, and kumquats, truffles and macaroons from Sucre in New Orleans.

This was one of my favorite arrangements.

Mock orange, it smelled wonderful.

On the buffet, orchids, pineapples, lemon leaf, and marigolds.

The Library.

Sawyer house

At the back of the property, a 1920's concrete couch and fire pit.

upstairs guestroom.

A necklace still in progress.

Abstract painting with Missoni pillows.

Applique pillow from India, hand block print curtains.

Wildflowers and cool drinks on the porch.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

San Miguel, around town and Spring finds for the shop

An amazing collection of ancient silver coins, crosses and rings found via metal detector all over Mexico, bought pieces to incorporate into our jewelry.

From tamales to intricately woven baskets, five blocks of crafts.

It was hard to find antique textiles, but many beautiful new wares.

Hacienda Montaecristo leather and rebozo bags.

Love the church candles.

Antique silver necklace and ring, on top of a back strap loomed shawl.

Huipil from Oaxaca, hat from Panama.