Friday, February 28, 2014

WAC Chicago event with Cornelia McNamara

Founded in 1898, the Woman's Athletic Club was the first athletic club in America. It is an amazing place, filled with beauty and old school sitting rooms, formal dining rooms, and a beautiful library filled with antique books and books written by it's members.

 The couple that hired us were newlyweds who upon returning from their honeymoon were most moved by there time spent in India, which was the underlying theme of the party.

We had orange trees flown in from California, when they arrived they had no fruit- so we wired oranges to the trees.

We incorporated Pink, "The navy blue of India" Marigolds, fig cakes and more.

Beautiful peonies everywhere, and kumquats, truffles and macaroons from Sucre in New Orleans.

This was one of my favorite arrangements.

Mock orange, it smelled wonderful.

On the buffet, orchids, pineapples, lemon leaf, and marigolds.

The Library.

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